Monday, March 12, 2012

Less is more....

Hello... remember me ? 

Today I logged into Second Life for the first time since September.  I used second life as an escape from the chaos of my daily life.. last September, I needed to let go of SL to come to terms and face the chaos.  Did it work ?  Hell ya !  I've completed some long term goals I wanted for my real life business, spent more time with my family, created some amazing images, fully booked my 2012 wedding season and given myself some new projects to look forward to.  But, it wasn't easy, not easy at all. 

That said, when I did log into SL, I realized how much I missed it.  I missed the core group of people I used to talk with on a daily basis. I missed the creative side, taking images, blogging and creating poses.  Yes, I missed it more than I can describe.

So... what now ?   I'm not sure.   I'd love to be in world once or twice a week.  I think if I spent any more time than that, it would hurt all the things I've worked so hard on these past months.  SL can be addictive and I recognize that.  So if I do decide to create or blog, I must promise myself to stay true to a few simple things, stay genuine, less is more, do what I love.


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  1. Great post, Catherine :)

    Glad to hear you got so much accomplished in RL! All of it sounds great, and congratulations on getting your full wedding season booked... that's amazing!